The Nine Meditations

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  • If my need is to be right, then I must beware anger. The world is not perfect, and I cannot be perfect.
  • If my need is to be needed, then I must avoid pride. Humility attracts true friends.
  • If my need is to succeed, then I must avoid deceit. Accepting failure will bring success. Accepting the truth will bring strength.
  • If my need is to be special, then I must avoid envy. Celebrate everyone’s uniqueness. There is always someone who is better than you are at your chosen task.
  • If my need is to know more than my neighbor, then I must take care to share with him what I learn.
  • If my need is to be safe and secure, then I must find the courage to defeat fear. Fear is the enemy in my mind.
  • If my need is to avoid pain, I must take care to avoid gluttony. More often brings less.
  • If my need is to be against, then I must find compassion in my contention. A compassionate leader gathers many loyal followers.
  • If my need is to avoid commitment, then I must avoid being lazy, for what I do does matter greatly.


  1. Danna says:

    I should have counted the number of times I have read these meditations because each time I find something that touches me. In that moment of reading I realize that it says so completely what I am thinking. I think I have #1 pretty much under control after years of being a teacher and finding so many of my true imperfections and facing them head on. #2 is a bit harder as I grow older for I find that I am not really so much needed any more, and I have allowed myself to feel left out of a variety of things. Are the “things” really that important? Yes, they are at this moment in time. #3 leaves a feeling of satisfaction with my life, including my friends and my family, but only to a certain point. The almost overwhelming emotion of dissatisfaction keeps bubbling to the surface, and I am finding it increasingly harder to control. The future seens very brief, and I am feeling as though I am in a swampy mire, plodding along with nothing to look forward to and nothing before me that challenges me to “move” — do something. What a rut some of us dig for ourselves!

    I will talk more later on these meditations as they have such wonderful meanings for me.

  2. Danna says:

    #4! What can I say but I need to feel special, not just to a single person any more but to those around me. I cannot say that I am at the point of not being envious although it makes me just this side of anger at myself for my feelings some times. I do believe in the uniqueness of everyone and do celebrate that uniqueness; however, I feel that as I have aged, I have lost my own uniqueness in many ways and have simply settled into someone else’s life. Therefore, I catch myself envying others of their strength, their personalities, their ability to avoid the negative, and, yes, even their physical as well as their inner beauty. I must really work hard on this one. #5 makes me chuckle to myself as I think my imparting of knowledge tends to be bending toward the pulpit, or more perhaps standing in front of a classroom. I need to be more careful with “imparting” my knowledge or maybe a new career awaits in preaching! I know that I do not know more than my neighbor and I do not want to be smarter than he, so I must take care in my manner lest I give that impression. I am fearful, as a matter of fact, with #6. I do feel safe for the most part, but secure is not a strong emotion with me now. The future for me is filled with unknowns and insecurities, and I know that this one needs to be worked on with much attention, patience, and strength.

    As one goes down the list and picks out key words from each, answers such as “yes” and “no” have such trivial meanings. I am having to dig deeper, getting under the surface layer, to find the meaning in my life. These meditations are very personal, and I find it very difficult at times not to say to someone, “Do you hear yourself? Are you understanding what you are doing or saying?” I realize more and more that I am surely talking to myself and, you know, that is pretty good!

  3. Darwin says:

    Danna, everyone will learn from your perceptive comments and the personal spirit in which they are given. We all feel priviledged to receive your thoughts.

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